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CHOOSE Products with the ecosix tag 


Products with the EcoSix™ tag are better for the earth than products without it. That’s because EcoSix diverts scrap polystyrene from landfills and recycles it for reuse in beanbags, plush toys, and other cool stuff.


EcoSix saves natural resources by transforming scrap polystyrene, destined for the landfill, into products that perform as good as new, cost less, and are infinitely recyclable. Companies that care about the earth and future generations choose EcoSix instead, and you can, too, whenever you shop. 

EcoSix resins can be used again and again  


EcoSix resins can be recycled after they’re used — infinitely. They’re sustainable, unlike polystyrene that takes up space in a landfill. 

As good as new — or even better  


With recycled resins, you can do the right thing without compromising quality. Independent testing proves that EcoSix recycled resins perform as well as or better than new polystyrene.  

100% American-Made 


When you see the EcoSix tag, you know you’re buying a recycled product made in the United States. Your purchase supports jobs for your neighbors here at home. 

Earth-friendly EcoSix saves money 


What’s good for the environment is also good for your wallet. EcoSix recycled resins actually cost less than newly created polystyrene.

If you care about the earth and future generations, always look for the EcoSix tag.  

To learn more about EcoSix products, visit

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